Welcome to Wild Bee Healing! I’m Clare and my journey here has been full of colour and problems, excitement, love, sorrow and bliss, probably much like yours! Each part of my journey has informed the work I bring today. Here I’m seeking to share my passions and professions of healing, reflexology and storytelling.

I am a reflexologist who likes to work with stories. This is because for me stories are rising up all the time. When I work with a person’s feet I will often intuit images and scenes that are relevant to their healing journey. When I’m walking in the natural landscape stories of place will often begin to whisper their magic into my ears.

The natural world is irrepressibly vibrant. It is always seeking to heal, create and recreate itself. My understanding is that we are part of that natural world, but sometimes we get stuck. Within my work as a healer, reflexologist and storyteller, I am always seeking to release stagnant energy, to bring about greater well being, balance and creativity. 

Time to slow right down….
…into deep earth time.

Time to dream…
….and restore.



Reflexology is a natural form of healing. Clare applies a firm pressure to the feet, to rebalance the whole system. Simultaneously imfomation moves between the client and practitioner. This induces a liminal state of relaxation where dream images rise up to guide healing. Click here to find out more about reflexology sessions.


Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is a form of Spiritual healing which works explicitly with spirits of nature and place. This can take the form of light touch, sound, song and breath over the body. Clare works with a tradition known as ‘The Pollen Method’. Click here to read more about my shamanic work.


Storytelling is as old as the hills, we have always told stories. Clare is interested in the voice and oral storytelling. She reinterprets traditional tales for modern times, exploring the healing possibilities of voice and word. Click here to llearn more about storytelling.

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“I’ve had reflexology before but this is the best!”


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Reflexology brings about a state of deep relaxation. This gives the bodies innate wisdom a chance to shine.

I am a fully trained and insured Member of the Association of Reflexologists (MAR). I received a Distinction in my training at the Devon school of Reflexologists. I’ve gone on to work with a wide range of people. I keep my CPD up to date and have done additional training in Women’s reflexology. I stay well informed about what is going on in the reflexology community.

In my practise I use a firm touch and am guided both by physical and energetic information. Often images will rise up for me as I work and these inform my practise. If you wish me to share the story with you at the end I’ll be happy to do that! The relationships that I build with clients are important to me. This also supports the healing. 

I always give clients an opportunity to deepen the session with suggestions for ongoing home practise. Sessions  are an hour and a quarter to give us some time to connect before and after the reflexology treatment.

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“Clare is amazing! I have total confidence in her skills as a reflexologist. She is knowledgeable and thorough in her approach, explaining what she’s doing every step of the way. After some initial chat I often fall into a deep trance like state which feels so healing and rejuvenating. At the end of the session Clare will often make helpful suggestions for self care until the next session. She is very creative and caring in her approach. She has made a real positive difference to my sense of well-being. I highly recommend her.“

Laurence, Housing Association Manager


Oral storytelling is as old as humanities ability to communicate, this is the language of pictures. I have worked extensively in my local communities telling stories, usually assumed to be for children because they are magical. I’ve worked with numerous Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, ( AONB’s)  including the Quantock Hills, the Blackdown Hills and East Devon, the forestry commission and the National Trust.

In 2012 I was commissioned to write a book, funded by DEFRA, including the many stories that I had developed on ‘storywalks’ on AONB’s. The book included the re interpretation of a local Quantock legend ‘The Gurt Worm’. To me it was clear that the worm or dragon, was a guardian, not a monster. Modern history has repeatedly told the stories from the victors viewpoint. Healing comes about when we reinterpret old stories from a now perspective. This is the telling of a truth from the present moment, from what we know now. It requires courage, both personally and collectively, yet the truth is like a blocked fountain that is always seeking to flow. When we open ourselves to listen, the stories are there, like treasure, just waiting to be rediscovered. On a personal level these stories can touch us subconsciously as metaphor. Where do we believe ourselves to be bad? What happens when the story is told from a different angle?

My intention with storytelling now is to offer it explicitly and transparently as a healing practise. My understanding of story as medicine has grown over the last twenty years from a hunch to a deep knowing.

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‘Inspirational…raised new possibilities…an excellent day’

Youth workers at a wildlife trust training day.