30 Nights of well being – night 4 – Birch/Spine

Thirty nights of well being – night 4

Birch and new beginnings – the spine

I love nature! The way it is both so straightforward and so incredibly complex.

If you look at a birch tree what do you see? A tall often straight, white truck and many, many hairlike twigs.

In folklore the birch is sometimes known as the ‘Axis Mundi’, the world tree. It’s the tree around which the Maypole is often danced, the first tree emerging after the ice age.

So what happens if I do a spot of shapeshifting…I become the birch tree, that tall trunk becomes my spine, the structure around which my body is danced.

So by dreaming with birch twigs under our pillows we have taken the hair of the tree into our hair, into the tops of our spines.

Today the task is to draw the energy down, to balance the spine and to release anything that we don’t need on the journey into Spring. (if you remember your dreams they may have already started this process. We will do more dreaming in a few days).

In the Chinese Meridian system the Governing meridian runs from the base of the spine, over the top of the head. It finishes in the centre of the top lip. You can lightly trace this line with a finger to encourage it to flow. (from the base and up). This meridian is to do with structure and releasing what is not useful/stuff back there.

I’m sending a recording to guide you in working with your spinal reflex (from reflexology), balancing and drawing the energy down to the base of your spine.

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  1. Lesley Reply

    Thanks clare that really hit the chill out – drop in button for me tonight

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