Baba Yaga – A Storytelling Workshop – 30 October 2021

Baba Yaga – Mother of the Snakes, Keeper of the Bones, Holder of the Fire, Guardian of Ancestral Power – Baba Yaga.

Do you dare to visit her?

At this time of year nature invites us to begin our descent into darkness, to be stripped to the bone….a gift that nature gives us every year – the opportunity to move closer to our true potential, to our raw and powerful selves.

Clare will tell her version of this ancient Russian folktale. The story will lead into a workshop where you will be guided to explore your own seeing of the story and how it relates to your life. You will be supported to do some storytelling of your own. There will also be sharing and co created ceremony to celebrate the festival of Samhain, known in the Celtic world as the time of both endings and new beginnings.

We will gather at Jenny Ash’s beautiful, purpose built group room on the Blackdown Hills. This is a room filled with light and crystals and the vibration of the regular gong baths that Jenny runs here. We will eat lunch in Jenny’s welcoming kitchen and spend time outside in the garden and with the water shrine.

Price includes a homemade vegetarian lunch plus tea’s, coffee’s and biscuits throughout the day.

Timing; 10.00am arrival for 10.30am start – 4pm Cost; £65

About Clare Viner; Clare has been telling stories since 2000, when she completed the ‘Craft of the Storyteller’ intensive course at Emerson College, Sussex. She published ‘The Emerald Dragon’ as a result of story walks held over several years on the Blackdown and Quantock Hills. Her most recent work is in collaboration with the ‘Connecting the Culm’ project. Clare was commissioned to create a collection of stories about the River Culm in Devon and Somerset. These stories are currently being performed by Clare as part of the Culm project. Clare has been running story workshops for women in her local woods throughout and beyond lockdown.

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