Blodeuwedd – Woman of Flowers and Owls – A storytelling workshop on 30th April 2022

The earth energy is rising. It’s powerful, unstoppable and it’s going on inside, as well as outside of us. We are nature. And it’s not always easy to negotiate our wildness with this world.

As I type, I’m watching my wild bees flying around at the bottom of the garden. They look as though they are dancing – and maybe they are – a dance of life and of sweetness. They are such brave warriors, sometimes I watch them flying in and out, even in the rain and in the cold weather. They are a community. They work together collecting nectar, making honey, visiting bright flowers, raising young, flying for the joy of it, humming the deep vibrations of the earth.

I like to believe that Jenny and I are building an informal community of women up on the mysterious Blackdown Hills. We have journeyed through four of the Celtic festivals, so far. I’m excited to share Beltane with you.

The story of Blodeuwedd, the flower maiden, is one of transition. An ancient Welsh story, first written down by a monk in the middle ages, told for a long, long time before that – how much did the story change in the hands of a celibate monk? The flower maiden was created by a magician, a power hungry man. He believed that he could control her, that she would submit utterly to him because he had made her….of Meadow sweet, of Broom, of Oak flowers, of Hawthorn, of Nettle…He gathered all the flowers to make a woman.

The one thing the Magician didn’t bank on – was the Power of Flowers.

This story feels especially relevant at this time – when the patriarchy, both outside and inside of us, needs dismantling – inorder to allow something new to be born.

The Blodeuwedd workshop is on Saturday 30th April, 10am – 4.30pm

At Jenny Ash’s beautiful home in Sheldon, Nr Honiton.

Price is £65 to include drinks, snacks, a full vegetarian lunch with pudding – lovingly cooked by Jenny (It’s always incredible!) and tea and homemade cakes at the end of the day.

The workshop will include;

A telling of the tale of Blodeuwedd – I’ve been working on this story for many years. It’s a big and powerful myth of these lands.

Sharing and discussion – there will be time to share about our personal lives and how the tale impacts on us, as well as sharing thoughts and ideas about the themes of the story.

Focus on how we can support one another as a community of women, including and celebrating our Owl aspect, as well as delighting in our Flowers.

Connecting with the Spirit of Owl and a Flower (that you will choose).

Movement and keeping connected to our bodies.

Some simple ceremony to celebrate.


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