Thirty nights of Well Being – night 21 – Singing in Joy and Pituitary reflex

As we approach Brigit’s night on 1st February, I’ve been thinking about her name and it’s many spellings and pronunciations; Brigit, Bride, Brighid, Bridget, Bridie- isn’t Bridie a bit like Birdie? I’m wondering if her early origins might be with the birds. Especially as she is associated with singing and inspiration.

There are two birds commonly associated with her; the Swan (who we met yesterday) and the Oyster-catcher. In Gaelic the word for Oyster-catcher means, ‘Servant of Brigit’ and there are many stories about Brigit and the Oyster-catcher (pearls live inside oysters!.)

In the recording we work with the Pituitary gland – the master gland. Great to bring this into balance if you are feeling a bit unbalanced, emotional or have a headache. Balancing your pituitary will potentially help your whole endocrine system be more in balance.

Then we work with sound, the vowels; a, e, i, o, u and/or sound improvisation with the intention of prayer. Tonight we are using sound to call to our dreams, to call them as an act of will or magic (whatever you choose to call it!).

Thirty nights of Well Being – night 20 – Swan Medicine and Kidney Reflex

As we move closer to Brigit’s night on 1st February, I’m thinking about some of her animals. Today the focus is on Swan and Im using the wonderful cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson, based on Native American traditions.

In the recording we focus on the Kidney reflex (in the element of water) with some hand reflexology. Then I read the story of Swan from the ‘Medicine Cards’.


Thirty nights of Well Being – Night 19 – The Earth Dragon and Stomach Reflex

The Earth Dragon protects the Rowan tree in mythology. Maybe this is part of the reason that the dragon and the serpent have long been associated with Brigit. 

In today’s recording we work briefly with the Stomach reflex (stomach in Chinese medicine is in the element of Earth). Then we go on a visualisation journey to meet the Earth Dragon.


Thirty nights of Well Being -Night 18 – Rowan and Dragon Points


Dragon points are acupressure points used to clear negatively. This seems an apt connection with the Rowan tree.

Here is the final part of the poem, ‘Rowan/Luis’ by Hilary Llewellyn-Williams. The poem begins with a prayer, that by the feast day of Bride (2nd Feb) the ‘hatching mother of the cold’ might be gone – that our difficulties might be gone!

I’m offering Dragon points to help us be clear and protected and hopefully more prepared for the joy to come!

‘Bride put her finger in the river 
On the feast day of Bride
And away went the hatching mother of the cold.’
(Gaelic Prayer)
I rest my fingers on a rowan tree
For a wand and a brand to avert
Evil, a tree that’s spun
Full of fire, with the swelling sun
In it’s stubby black bud
And I’ve broken a twig clean;
Inside it is sweet and green,
Promising bundles, clusters of red.
A word said; and a bird flown.


Thirty nights of Well Being – night 17 – The Turning Point and Friends

‘I climb upwards from the sheer rainwet drop’

In her poem, ‘Rowan’ Hilary Llewellyn-Williams describes how she begins to climb up the wet river bank.

Now we are about to begin the seasonal ascent and maybe a personal ascent. But at the turning point we often need some help.

In mythology the hero or heroine nearly always has some kind of help in the ascent – either physical or non physical.

I’m thinking about my friends, physical and non physical. Just thinking about them helps me. Who are your physical friends? And who are your non physical friends? Don’t forget to call on them if you need help!

“Rowan/Louis’ (part 2)

Rain blows it’s feathers around me;
It tickles my face, quickens my skin.
Here is where I came down

This steep bank from a dark town
Full of winter, to find the world

At a turning point. And here

I climb upwards from the sheer
Rainwet drop, and I’m full of moon
And movement. Cautiously

Thirty night of Well Being – night 16- Rowan 1

Tonight we move in the Gaelic calendar from the Birch tree to the Rowan.

I’m sharing a poem, over 3 nights, by poet, Hilary Llewellyn-Williams entitled, ‘Rowan/Luis’

The invitation is to find a Rowan on these damp grey days and connect with the potent buds growing on her wood.

January 21st – February 17th

Bride put her finger in the river

On the feast day of Bride,
And away went the hatching mother of the cold.
(Gaelic prayer)

The roaring is loud and brown.
I hold water in the cup of my hand
It warms to my touch like blood

But I dare not put my feet into the flood;

Thirty nights of Well Being – night 15 – The Knot

Today I’m meditating on the knot.

Brigit ties a knot in the fringe of her mantle, to help her remember the earth.

What is the symbolism of the knot? What does it mean to each one of us at this time?

I’ve been colouring in Celtic knots and Im inviting you to do the same!

Also we are at the transition point of exactly half way through the journey of thirty nights.

Thirty nights of Well Being – night 14 – The Laughter of the Earth and the Colour Red

Today I’m meditating on the Colour Red as the Laughter of the Earth.
In the story this is connected with the Stone of Destiny. 
What is the song that the waters of the Earth sing to us? And what of the waters of our own blood? This is the colour red and the invitation is to give red some of our attention over the coming days.
I hope this is uplifting on this dark January day. I hope that the colour red can help to remind us that vitality and joy are going on – even when we can’t see them….

Thirty nights of Well Being – night 13 – Protection

In the story of Brigit the Spear which Midyar wields represents Will and preparing the ground. The Cauldron of Plenty is about asking for what we need (and expecting it to arrive). 
Next the God, Mananaun, takes the Sword of Light and defends the new made world against the encroaching monsters.
What are monsters? It’s the old story that tells us that some creatures are monstrous, while others are loveable. In an earth based mythology, all life is sacred. The monsters represent troubled parts of ourselves. Today’s image shows a representation of ‘The Devil’ card from the Tarot. This is Chesca Potter’s radical interpretation of this card. She calls it ‘The Guardian’. She says;
‘This extraordinary image shows the cave bear, skeletal, yet it has a life of it’s own, just as fearful memories can rise up without warning. Some flesh still clings to the bones, and fiery flashes of energy are unable to earth from the spine. Fears are literally ungrounded….For those whose boundaries have been confused and previously invaded, befriending and healing your guardian will heal your life’.
I’ve been pondering on protection. How do we psychically protect ourselves? There are light energy techniques, which I’m sure many of you know. But for me the monstrous image of ‘the Guardian’ gives another clue. 
In the recording today I talk about this as a protection technique.

Thirty nights of Well Being – night 12 – The power of prayer

Today I’ve been looking through ‘Camina Gadelica’ – an incredible

collection of Gaelic Hymns and Incantations collected in the Scottish Highlands and first published in 1900.

Bridgit of the Mantles is there, with many prayers addressing her.

In the story I’m suggesting that the Spear of Fire represents Will. Later the Dagda says that the Cauldron of Plenty gives what ever is most needed. The gift of green vegetation is what is most needed for the earth.

What do you most need at this point in time? It is a very powerful thing to speak this out in the presence of a Spiritual Allie.

In the recording I read a Scottish invocation from the ‘Camina Gadelica’ and then add my own slightly more modern version. This is to call the Spirit of Brigit to me. Then I privately add my own prayer, thanking Brigit at the end (not on the recording).

What ever you think of prayer, speaking out the words of what we want, can help to strengthen our connection to what it is we most need. Calling for help is an act of humility and reverence to the great mystery.

I hope you enjoy this invitation. I’ve included some of the words from the old prayer and you might like to create your own calling to Brigit?

Praises of Brigit

Brigit of the mantles
Brigit of the peat-heap
Brigit of the twining hair
Brigit of the augury

(From Camina Gadelica)