Thirty nights of Well Being – night 26- Brigit’s Cat


Tonight Im thinking about Brighid’s Cat.

‘On Brighid’s Day, the cats will bring home the brushwood’ – Traditonal Scottish saying.

It is said that Cat was Brighid’s companion. I”m wondering why. To me these expressions and fragments of folklore are all clues.

In the recording I explore the clue of Cat. What is the medicine that Cat can bring us at this time of year?

Im taking my inspiration and image from ‘The Druid Animal Oracle’ by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm.

Hope you’ve gathered up your brushwood ready for a fire tomorrow on Brigit’s night!

Thirty nights of Well Being – night 25 – Fire and the Lord of Gorias

Tonight the element is Fire! We are nearly at Imbolc, the Celtic festival of early Spring, new beginnings or the Christian festival of ‘Candlemass’.

In the recording I invite you to dream with the element of Fire – what does fire have to teach you at this time? And I tell a story about the
Fairy Lord of Gorias and his Firery city in the East.


Thirty nights of Well Being – night 24- Letting Go

I’m continuing the trend of letting go, release of the ‘old stuff’ that we started with the Lord of Falias yesterday. This is a very practical sequence.

In the recording I first do a little hand reflexology before moving onto the ‘Karmic Dump’ sequence, which involves acupressure points shown on the

image today.

We have one more of the elements, Fire – and the Fairy city, to visit. We’ll go there in the next few days!

Thirty nights of Well Being – night 23- Air and the Lord of Falias

Are you ready to visit the Magical City of Air? This is the place where the Fairy Lord of Falias rules. It is a place of duality, of both in and out, of both rebirth and death. As with all the fairy cities it is concerned with the Heart. If you have the courage, go up into the mountains and meet with the formidable ruler of this place….

In the recording today I guide you through the city and introduce you to the Lord of Falias. There is a task and you will need a candle, a bowl, some paper and a pen…Oh and a bath ( a shower will do!) to cleanse and clean yourself, in preparation for rebirth.

Image by Danuta Mayer in Claire Nahmad’s book, ‘The Fairy book’.

Thirty nights of Well Being – night 22- Earth and the Lady of Murias

The Element of Earth is sometimes placed in the West on the Medicine Wheel, sometimes in the North. Within this system, Earth is in the West. The Fairy Lady of Murias, from the Celtic traditions, is associated with fallen leaves and the season of autumn.

In the recording I read a short section from Claire Nahmad’s book, ‘The Fairy Book’ about the Lady of Murias. Then I introduce dowsing with a pendulum and invite you to choose a crystal, stone, shell, pebble (something of the earth) to meditate with and carry around with you. You could also place it near your bed and ask it to guide your dreams.

It’s always a good idea to cleanse crystals before and after working with them. Just hold under running water for a minute or two. As you are doing this speak or pray for the crystal to be cleansed and blessed.

Crystals love the rain, I might take mine out on a walk now!


Thirty nights of Well Being – night 21 – Water and the Lady of Finias

Today I reached a bit of a stopping point…where to go now?

I sensed a transition. Maybe this is what happens on a journey, when you are getting close to the destination. Just a week to go now and we will be at the Cross quarter between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

The fairy lady of Finias was calling me but I wasn’t sure why. What has come out is a powerful guided mediation. I love it when things take me by surprise and this evening the fairy lady did that. I hope you feel as much love from her as I did when I spoke this out.

It may help to have a cup or bowl of water close to you as you listen.


Thirty nights of Well Being – night 21 – Singing in Joy and Pituitary reflex

As we approach Brigit’s night on 1st February, I’ve been thinking about her name and it’s many spellings and pronunciations; Brigit, Bride, Brighid, Bridget, Bridie- isn’t Bridie a bit like Birdie? I’m wondering if her early origins might be with the birds. Especially as she is associated with singing and inspiration.

There are two birds commonly associated with her; the Swan (who we met yesterday) and the Oyster-catcher. In Gaelic the word for Oyster-catcher means, ‘Servant of Brigit’ and there are many stories about Brigit and the Oyster-catcher (pearls live inside oysters!.)

In the recording we work with the Pituitary gland – the master gland. Great to bring this into balance if you are feeling a bit unbalanced, emotional or have a headache. Balancing your pituitary will potentially help your whole endocrine system be more in balance.

Then we work with sound, the vowels; a, e, i, o, u and/or sound improvisation with the intention of prayer. Tonight we are using sound to call to our dreams, to call them as an act of will or magic (whatever you choose to call it!).

Thirty nights of Well Being – night 20 – Swan Medicine and Kidney Reflex

As we move closer to Brigit’s night on 1st February, I’m thinking about some of her animals. Today the focus is on Swan and Im using the wonderful cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson, based on Native American traditions.

In the recording we focus on the Kidney reflex (in the element of water) with some hand reflexology. Then I read the story of Swan from the ‘Medicine Cards’.


Thirty nights of Well Being – Night 19 – The Earth Dragon and Stomach Reflex

The Earth Dragon protects the Rowan tree in mythology. Maybe this is part of the reason that the dragon and the serpent have long been associated with Brigit. 

In today’s recording we work briefly with the Stomach reflex (stomach in Chinese medicine is in the element of Earth). Then we go on a visualisation journey to meet the Earth Dragon.


Thirty nights of Well Being -Night 18 – Rowan and Dragon Points


Dragon points are acupressure points used to clear negatively. This seems an apt connection with the Rowan tree.

Here is the final part of the poem, ‘Rowan/Luis’ by Hilary Llewellyn-Williams. The poem begins with a prayer, that by the feast day of Bride (2nd Feb) the ‘hatching mother of the cold’ might be gone – that our difficulties might be gone!

I’m offering Dragon points to help us be clear and protected and hopefully more prepared for the joy to come!

‘Bride put her finger in the river 
On the feast day of Bride
And away went the hatching mother of the cold.’
(Gaelic Prayer)
I rest my fingers on a rowan tree
For a wand and a brand to avert
Evil, a tree that’s spun
Full of fire, with the swelling sun
In it’s stubby black bud
And I’ve broken a twig clean;
Inside it is sweet and green,
Promising bundles, clusters of red.
A word said; and a bird flown.