‘Clare is a deeply compassionate and experienced professional who offers all the benefits of a relaxing, nourishing and sustainably healing reflexology treatment, and also very much more.

It’s a wonderfully wholistic therapeutic process which continues to resonate in my waking and dreaming life for the next few days.’



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Reflexology has ancient origins in Eastern parts of the world and has been practised in  the West since the 1920s. It involves pressure applied to feet, hands or face to stimulate  reflex points, which in turn impact different areas of the body. In this way the feet or hands become a map for the whole body. It is a gentle yet powerful, non invasive treatment. The  treatment is physical and pleasant to receive, occasional points can be slightly  uncomfortable but mostly it is deeply relaxing. It is a wholistic treatment that also works  with the emotional and energetic bodies.

Reflexology can support a healthy lifestyle.

It can also be used to help with a wide range of health problems. Very specific areas of the body can be targeted in a session. If a client is suffering with back problems the whole spine can be worked, equally for emotional or hormonal issues the endocrine system can be very efficiently stimulated and so on. At the start of a reflexolgy session you are encouraged to discuss what areas of the body you need help with. If you keep quiet, you will be surprised by what a good reflexologist can tell about your health just by working with your feet!

As the treatment is holistic it is impossible to draw up a definitive list . Many conditions will benefit from this treatment which seeks to relax, energise and maximise the bodies own healing capacity.

Just some of the issues which may be supported by reflexology include –

  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Back and Neck pain
  • Fatigue
  • Menstrual and Menopausal issues
  • Anxiety
  • IBS
  • Digestive issues
  • Emotional problems
  • Fertility issues
  • Arthritis                                                …and much more.

I am a fully trained and insured Member of the Association of Reflexologists (MAR). I received a Distinction in my training at the Devon school of Reflexologists. I’ve gone on to work with a wide range of people. I keep my CPD up to date and have done additional training in Women’s reflexology. I stay well informed about what is going on in the reflexology community.

In my practise I use a firm touch and am guided both by physical and energetic information. Often images will rise up for me as I work and these inform my practise. If you wish me to share the story with you at the end I’ll be happy to do that! The relationships that I build with clients are important to me. This also supports the healing.

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Keeping Safe in these Times

In these times I am following the Association of Reflexology guidelines for keeping clients and myself safe from Covid. This involves cleaning of all surfaces between clients, changing all soft furnishing used during a session, immaculate hygiene and good ventilation. I contact clients before their appointments to run through a checklist of Covid related questions. Clients are requested to bring their own blanket and water as well as bring and wear their own masks throughout the treatment.

‘I had a wonderful treatment with Clare this week. I felt safe with her attention and preparations meeting all the Covid requirements. This feeling of safety, supported me to relax and release, a gift to my body and mind after months of lockdown.

   Clare through gentle practice reviewed, identified and brought relief to a number of body aches and pains. As she worked her words met my conversation. This came together with her knowing from my body’s signs and a rich healing vision was shared. Clare gave me some practices to mediate on  so I can continue to visit the healing space over the next few weeks. I feel part of my healing process and fully heard.’

Lesley, civil engineer.

Your Session

Your first reflexology session lasts for 1 and a half hours, subsequent sessions last for one hour/one and a quarter hours and cost £40. It is my wish that this work be available to all. If you need a concession please ask.

If you would like to book a longer session this will be an extra half and hour and cost £55, concessions available.

You can book by emailing Clare on the form on the contact page, or ringing or texting 07717 726752

During these times of Covid you will need to bring your own blanket and water and to pay by direct transfer if possible.

You will need to take your socks off, but nothing else.

I use organic and natural products for the feet, usually either Neal’s Yard or The Great British Bee Company creams.

Your session will begin with a conversation. If it is your first session a medical history will be taken, after that a check in to find out how you are. Then you will be asked to lie back on a reclining chair and relax for around 50mins while I work with touch, technique and intuition to release congestion in your body and bring about greater balance in your whole system,

I am often guided by intuitive seeing, this comes in the form of dreamlike images and fragments of stories. If you request it I will share them with you. If you don’t want to hear the images, that is fine too. They will simply inform me about the energy in your system and help to give you a deep and profound treatment.

You will be clearly told when the treatment comes to an end.

Your session will take place within my light and airy therapy room following Covid guidelines. The treatment room is south facing and used exclusively for healing and meditation. People often comment on the calm and peaceful atmosphere in the room.

My treatment room is on the ground floor but there are five steps down from the road to the house. There is a secure rail to hold onto but regrettably no wheel chair access. Mobile visits can be arranged. There is easy and free parking on the road outside the house.

There are a few bus stops within a 5 minute walking distance; of which I can advise you if you need.

A Longer Session

Some people want to work more deeply with the seeing that I am able to bring which can include some kinesiology work as I am fully trained in Creative Kinesiology. This involves a form of dowsing the body using muscle testing and if offered fully clothed.

I also have a wealth of techniques to offer including –

  • Touch for Health
  • Orchid Healing Essences
  • Tarot
  • Animal Cards
  • Celtic Goddess Cards

Some people like to spend longer exploring the insights and experiences that have arisen during the reflexology session.

After Care

For your first treatment you will be given an Association of Reflexology after care leaflet with some general information about after care for reflexology.

You will usually be given one or two reflex points and shown how to work them yourself either on your hands or feet.

I will give other self care suggestions based on the information I have received from your feet. This may be a breathing meditation, an image to work with, an affirmation or a simple ritual or exercise to do at home. Of course, these are completely optional.


“I’ve had reflexology before but this is the best!”


``From the moment I walk into Clare‘s treatment room I feel relaxed and in safe hands. She holds a very nurturing space where I feel comfortable checking in with myself before we begin. The treatment is very relaxing – although I do not usually like my feet being touched; when Clare is massaging the different parts I find I mostly drift off. I appreciate Clare‘s intuitive approach and her insights as we check in at the end of a session. I would highly recommend!``


“I just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing treatment yesterday.
The knot in the middle of my left shoulder blade which triggers my migraines dispersed with in a hour of your work. It had been sitting there for 2 weeks giving me bad heads. Also I didn’t get a migraine at all! Great news. And I slept well.”


“I would really recommend Reflexology with Clare. She takes her work very seriously and you feel you’re an excellent caring and professional hands from the moment you arrive. It was a powerfully deep experience for me and I was glad that I didn’t have to rush off to work afterwards but instead could lie in the sunshine in a park nearby.”