‘Shamanic healing is a journey. It involves stepping out of our habitual roles, our conventional scripts, and improvising a dancing path.’    

Gabrielle Roth

The Pollen Method


The Pollen Method is a shamanic healing method. This method can only be practised by women due to the importance that the womb plays in the healing. The method is based in very ancient European shamanic practices. The spiritual help that is drawn on for this work is of the European landscape.

As a practitioner I work with my own blood and spiritual lineage, engaging seership to see more deeply into the root of any dis- ease and often receiving clear images or stories that can later be useful for healing. As I am practising I work with the stories as they arise; the stories inform me of the energy state of the client. I then work with gesture, breath and sound to realign and clear the body (and soul)  into a place of greater harmony.

This is a deeply mysterious practise. While I am fully conscious throughout the treatment, I am also open to the spirit realm who work through me to undertake the healing work. So this is an act of trust both between client, practitioner and spirit. Together we step out of ‘Ordinary Reality’ and into ‘Non Ordinary Reality’. This is a liminal place, between the worlds. It is a place that we all know, as it is where we have come from, it is the watery realm of the womb.

The womb, within this tradition, is understood to be a place of extraordinary intelligence and creativity. It is within the energy of this place that the healing occurs. It is with the support of the spiritual allies of this landscape that the healing is led. The aim of the healing is to restore and remember the ‘True Countenance’. This is our true, pure, unviolated and perfect selves. The work takes place in semi darkness and darkness is seen as an ally in healing.

My own personal journey into this work has been through many years of training at The Sacred Trust, Dorset, a centre dedicated to promoting Shamanic Practise. Through this training, and my storytelling work, I have come to perceive the world in a more connected and grounded way. I have come to understand that the contradictions of life are part of its energy; that even though I can feel alone and separate, I am never alone. I am part of everything. While this has been an idea in the past, the work has helped me to embody this reality and to know it in my body. Through doing this work I have experienced profound physical and emotional changes in my life.

Since completing my training in this method I have been carrying out case studies in order to receive full accreditation. If you would like to receive a treatment it would be as a anonymous case study. There is currently no charge for this work but if you would like to express gratitude please make a donation to a charity.

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Oracular and Dream work

Oracular work involves bringing an open question to the Oracle. It’s understood that the Oracle speaks from the Spirit of the Earth. The oracle speaks in metaphors and stories, sometimes offering guidance but never direct answers.  

The work is non linear and liminal. It won’t ‘tell’ you what to do but offers tailored inspiration,  much as a poem or song might, to help guide you to your next step. 

It is advised to write as you listen as the experience is much like being in a dream and can be  difficult to remember afterwards. 

Dream work is similar to Oracular work. The difference being that the dream brings the energy  which allows a vision to be woven. So the dream is not interpreted but reflected, taken deeper  and dreamt again. It is difficult to describe this work as it is so different from most modern forms.  

The affect of both Oracular and Dream work is one of being washed through, inspired and  supported. While Clare is in a lightly altered state when bringing this work, she is also conscious  and works always mindful for the well being of the client. There is deep listening and deep sharing  in this work. The experience of such focused and tender presence is healing in itself. 

This work takes place in semi darkness. This allows darkness to aid and support the work. 

I have been working with these practises on a regular basis for several years and now offer this out into the wider community on a donation basis.

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‘I found my session over Zoom very easy. Clare explained the preperation she had undertaken before our session and asked me to lay back and relax. I was aware of her presence through sound but felt peaceful and grounded. Since my session I have found myself feeling more at ease in general and have felt some subtle shifts in my self perception’


``My session with Clare was both interesting and rewarding.
While familiar with other healing modalities, I had not previously experienced the Pollen Method, which is why I found it interesting.
Clare intuitively found what required attention and was able to help me resolve some long-standing discomforts.
I am very guarded with my body and energy system and am careful when choosing any therapist yet I was able instantly to completely trust Clare to work with me on a deep level.
I have no qualms about describing her as caring, competent and professional.``