Thirty nights of Well Being – night 10 – Foundations and Feet

Today we consider our foundations. 
Like Brigit, we have heard the dream of new beginnings but what now?
 Midyar, takes the Spear of Fire down into the chaos on the earth and he lands with his two feet.
In ancient times the Spear was thrown, like an arrow to catch prey. It demanded a clear intention and a focus of will. So we bring our will, our determination, our fiery energy to new projects. We also need to land. We need to land in whatever is, with our two feet and clear space.
Brigit can’t throw her creative weave on the mess that is the earth. She needs a little bit of space to be her starting point. Midyar creates this space with his feet and his will.
So our starting point today is to make some space for 




our well being. If we take care of our physical bodies, tend to ourselves, release stress often, we have a good starting point.
In the feet we have a map of reflex points that correlate with the whole body. We can bring into balance all the systems including the central nervous system, the endocrine and immune systems.
I’m inviting you to give yourself a gift today; spend five minutes massaging each foot. If you can’t reach your feet, your hands will be fine. Give yourself your own attention, your own love. Then pause for a moment and notice how you feel!
Clearing a space – ahh! 
(In the map attached, the points are on the underside of the feet, the part that we walk on)

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