Thirty nights of Well Being – night 12 – The power of prayer

Today I’ve been looking through ‘Camina Gadelica’ – an incredible

collection of Gaelic Hymns and Incantations collected in the Scottish Highlands and first published in 1900.

Bridgit of the Mantles is there, with many prayers addressing her.

In the story I’m suggesting that the Spear of Fire represents Will. Later the Dagda says that the Cauldron of Plenty gives what ever is most needed. The gift of green vegetation is what is most needed for the earth.

What do you most need at this point in time? It is a very powerful thing to speak this out in the presence of a Spiritual Allie.

In the recording I read a Scottish invocation from the ‘Camina Gadelica’ and then add my own slightly more modern version. This is to call the Spirit of Brigit to me. Then I privately add my own prayer, thanking Brigit at the end (not on the recording).

What ever you think of prayer, speaking out the words of what we want, can help to strengthen our connection to what it is we most need. Calling for help is an act of humility and reverence to the great mystery.

I hope you enjoy this invitation. I’ve included some of the words from the old prayer and you might like to create your own calling to Brigit?

Praises of Brigit

Brigit of the mantles
Brigit of the peat-heap
Brigit of the twining hair
Brigit of the augury

(From Camina Gadelica)

One thought on “Thirty nights of Well Being – night 12 – The power of prayer

  1. Fleur Reply

    Thankyou Clare so you told this so beautifully and in I feel in calm and hopeful space after hearing this
    Love hearing the words Bridget of the birch and the Rowan… fxx

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