Thirty nights of Well Being – night 17 – The Turning Point and Friends

‘I climb upwards from the sheer rainwet drop’

In her poem, ‘Rowan’ Hilary Llewellyn-Williams describes how she begins to climb up the wet river bank.

Now we are about to begin the seasonal ascent and maybe a personal ascent. But at the turning point we often need some help.

In mythology the hero or heroine nearly always has some kind of help in the ascent – either physical or non physical.

I’m thinking about my friends, physical and non physical. Just thinking about them helps me. Who are your physical friends? And who are your non physical friends? Don’t forget to call on them if you need help!

“Rowan/Louis’ (part 2)

Rain blows it’s feathers around me;
It tickles my face, quickens my skin.
Here is where I came down

This steep bank from a dark town
Full of winter, to find the world

At a turning point. And here

I climb upwards from the sheer
Rainwet drop, and I’m full of moon
And movement. Cautiously

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