Thirty nights of Well Being -Night 18 – Rowan and Dragon Points


Dragon points are acupressure points used to clear negatively. This seems an apt connection with the Rowan tree.

Here is the final part of the poem, ‘Rowan/Luis’ by Hilary Llewellyn-Williams. The poem begins with a prayer, that by the feast day of Bride (2nd Feb) the ‘hatching mother of the cold’ might be gone – that our difficulties might be gone!

I’m offering Dragon points to help us be clear and protected and hopefully more prepared for the joy to come!

‘Bride put her finger in the river 
On the feast day of Bride
And away went the hatching mother of the cold.’
(Gaelic Prayer)
I rest my fingers on a rowan tree
For a wand and a brand to avert
Evil, a tree that’s spun
Full of fire, with the swelling sun
In it’s stubby black bud
And I’ve broken a twig clean;
Inside it is sweet and green,
Promising bundles, clusters of red.
A word said; and a bird flown.


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