Thirty nights of Well Being – night 21 – Singing in Joy and Pituitary reflex

As we approach Brigit’s night on 1st February, I’ve been thinking about her name and it’s many spellings and pronunciations; Brigit, Bride, Brighid, Bridget, Bridie- isn’t Bridie a bit like Birdie? I’m wondering if her early origins might be with the birds. Especially as she is associated with singing and inspiration.

There are two birds commonly associated with her; the Swan (who we met yesterday) and the Oyster-catcher. In Gaelic the word for Oyster-catcher means, ‘Servant of Brigit’ and there are many stories about Brigit and the Oyster-catcher (pearls live inside oysters!.)

In the recording we work with the Pituitary gland – the master gland. Great to bring this into balance if you are feeling a bit unbalanced, emotional or have a headache. Balancing your pituitary will potentially help your whole endocrine system be more in balance.

Then we work with sound, the vowels; a, e, i, o, u and/or sound improvisation with the intention of prayer. Tonight we are using sound to call to our dreams, to call them as an act of will or magic (whatever you choose to call it!).

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