Thirty nights of Well Being – night 22- Earth and the Lady of Murias

The Element of Earth is sometimes placed in the West on the Medicine Wheel, sometimes in the North. Within this system, Earth is in the West. The Fairy Lady of Murias, from the Celtic traditions, is associated with fallen leaves and the season of autumn.

In the recording I read a short section from Claire Nahmad’s book, ‘The Fairy Book’ about the Lady of Murias. Then I introduce dowsing with a pendulum and invite you to choose a crystal, stone, shell, pebble (something of the earth) to meditate with and carry around with you. You could also place it near your bed and ask it to guide your dreams.

It’s always a good idea to cleanse crystals before and after working with them. Just hold under running water for a minute or two. As you are doing this speak or pray for the crystal to be cleansed and blessed.

Crystals love the rain, I might take mine out on a walk now!


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