Thirty nights of Well Being – night 27 – The Heart and the Cow with her Milk

Tonight is Brigit’s night, Candlemas in the Christian calendar. It is a night which has long marked the very beginnings of Spring.

Traditionally shawls or cloaks were left outside on this night for the Goddess to bless as she passed by. These then became objects imbude with healing energy. Farmers would use them to heal their cows and lambs. This is a time when the first calves and the first lambs were born.

In the recording we work with some hand reflexology, working very gently

with the area of the heart. If emotions rises for you here remember to smile, to know that as we feel our hearts, our hearts open. Tears are medicine.

The image is a bowl of milk – symbol of kindness and nourishment.IMG_1978.JPG

Opening my heart as Spring emerges, so slowly, through the silver mist of new creation.

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