Thirty nights of well being – night 7 – A story of Brigit (part 1)

Image is ‘Brigit at Avebury’ by Jill Smith

Brigit is such an inspiring energy! Her name can be spelt in a multitude of ways and her stories are told in a multitude of traditions.

Today I am telling the first part of a tale from Ireland about how Brigit creates the world. You will meet other Gods, Goddesses and the four sacred objects of Ireland, sometimes also connected with the fairy folk and the four directions of North, East, South and West.

There is an obvious link for us with song as a creative force and with the power of dreams. Part 2 of the story is coming soon.

I hope the story brings you inspiration and maybe comfort; the Goddess Brigit is looking out for us. You can connect with her compassion and courage whenever it feels right for you. In the Christian tradition she is St Bridget and, as you will see in part 2 of this story, she is associated with sacred waters and with fire and candles. You can also sing to her, or sing her healing into your body.

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