Thirty nights of well being – night 7 – a story of Brigit (part 2)

This is the second part of this wonderful creation myth from Ireland. I’ve loved working with it, finding the core of the energy ( the written version was very beautiful but quite wordy). I feel closer to Brigit for telling her story. Why not have a go. When I run workshops I invite people to chose their favourite part of the story. Just pick one bit and have a go at speaking it out loud. I always light a candle and ask the spirit of the story to guide me.

One other thought about this story and well being – is the silver mist. I love that the creation comes out of the silver mist. This is surely the grey drizzle that we know so well at this time of year in this part of the world. The story helps me to see the subtlety in this drizzle. It gives me hope that new things are coming.

And please keep dreaming and writing your dreams down – birch twigs under your pillow if that works for you. Dream work coming soon!

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