Thirty nights of well being

‘Thirty nights of well being’ is an eclectic weave of stories, meditations, reflexology tips, simple rituals, tree medicine, energy tips, poems, foraging ideas, affirmations….you get the idea? I will post one offering each afternoon/evening for thirty nights.

Tonight is the Twelfth night after Christmas. The end of a journey for the Magi, the three wise people of the Christmas story. But as we all know, when one journey ends, another begins. This next journey is to the Gaelic festival of Imbolc, or the Christian Candlemas on 1st/2nd February.

Is it the 1st or the 2nd? Is twelfth night on the 5th or 6th? Confusion gives us a clue…there’s magic here. The festival is not on either day and it is on both… because the ancients celebrated the nights, not the days. In the night time there are stars and dreams, edges are blurred, there is the possibility to sleep more…magic can stir…

So this journey at a very dark time of year, both seasonally and in terms of our current lockdown situation, is an exploration. What magic can we find here? What wisdom, what as yet, unnamed joy, is waiting in the empty space? And what will we find when we arrive in the lap of Imbolc, ‘fire in the belly’ , then the earth mother begins to wake up after her sleep, when the sap in our own veins starts to rise. What will we find as we journey to meet with the Celtic/pre Celtic Goddess, Brigid? How will the Earth speak to us at this time?

Here is my offering on the final night of the Christmas journey and the 1st night on the next. It is a story/meditation and lasts 7mins. Sending many blessings.


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